LCV 4.1x open beta downloads taking longer than usual

Recently, I’ve been experiencing a problem in which downloading the latest hotfix for the LCV 4.1x open beta (currently 4.17) takes longer than expected - occasionally, the disk usage level falls off a cliff to near zero, forcing me to restart my Steam client at least once, although so far I have been successful every time.

The size of the hotfix itself isn’t all that large, but the unpacking process seems to be adding minutes to the update process. Fortunately, the download does eventually end up being successfully completed, but later than intended. So what is causing the slower unpacking? Is it the verification process, or something else? Any advice on this would be most welcome. At any rate, I need to do something that can help me increase the disk usage while downloading the update. So far I have not tried clearing the cache, but I am considering it.

Apart from this problem, I have had mainly positive impressions about the various LCV 4.1x updates - everything looks and feels better than it did before.

Edit: Apparently the problem solved itself - restarting Steam several times seems to have done the trick for me, and the game works just fine as usual. Or I could just close the window and let Steam run in the background - having it open all the time seems to slow down the client.

Yeah, Steam sometimes doesn’t want to cooperate :slight_smile: nothing we can do about it though!