LDC1 - Training Coach

LDC stands for Livery Design Competition. The thought behind this is that its a competition based on liveries. I personally only have 2 rules for future hosts. Feel free to break them

  • Do not provide massively 3 heavy builds, aka, try to have a build that cooperates with the original body
  • Lock all fixtures before sending the car file at the start.

now, for the actual challenge.
no real lore behind it, the challenge is simply to make a livery for this coach

this is the Vausse Entourage. Built for the use of Letoura with a global release in 1991. As such, the time this livery is getting made will also be 1991.

The rules are as follows

  • No moving, deleting, adding, or cutting anything on the body besides paint patches and changing the colour of the body
  • no messing with the stats, like internals and externals
  • no touching advanced settings.
  • entries must be in the format LDC1 - Your name here for the model name, the rest shall stay as is

its as shrimple as that.

LDC_-Your_name_here-Vausse_Entourage.car|attachment (36.4 KB)

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