Leeming's Auto's

Leeming’s Auto’s brings the best of the 21st Century to you! With the perfect blend between power, comfort, technology and most importantly, speed, you are sure to fall in love with our automobiles. With years worth of experience, there’s bound to be something you love in our range of cars.

I will frequently update this thread with new concept cars.

I am open to feedback and constructive criticism, so please speak your mind.

I am also open to other people’s idea’s, so will gladly check out other peoples creations.

Starting the new year off with a bang, I present the Leeming Dicendum (‘Perfection’ in Latin).

A whopping 510BHP squeezed out of our trusty V8, along with a jaw-dropping 190MPH top speed. Who needs coffee, eh?

Also comes with enough gadgets to make a tech geek need a new pair of pant’s, yet it’s simple enough your Nan could use it. By standard, it comes with Sat-Nav, full leather interior, electric windows, radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and even remote start-up.

Wow the front on that looks amazing, and love the name :slight_smile:

Overall i think this is a pretty nice car, but i would make the headlights a bit smaller and put them a bit higher up, and i would make the tail lights bigger. But i like the overall shape, nicely done! :slight_smile:

Taking a look back to 1978, we can find one of Leeming Auto’s first cars.

The RR78 (Rally Racer) was Leeming Auto’s first racer, boasting a more than impressive 428HP along with a top speed of 149MPH. It also had a simply astonishing 0-60 time of merely 3.6 seconds, faster than most rally cars of it’s day. It’s chunky, off-road tyre’s combined with an AWD system meant this thing could really grip, so you never had to worry about losing control.

There were two variant’s of the '78, one being street legal, and the other one being strictly track-based.

I like the Dicendum …,it has a nice and aggresive front-end.