Let's make a design team?

Hi, I’m looking for people who might want to help with RRRB’s design team. Car designs of all types will be accepted, as long as they are exportable to BeamNG.drive. If you’d like to help, please talk to my friend RGF on Discord. If you have questions please ask me here or by PM.

RGF’s Discord tag is ( the_rampgroovesfighter_fnf ).

Have a wonderful day!!!

In this, are we sending you cars in part for design or is it that you and a group would help to create designs?

Would this be to create mods for Automation, to create cars in Automation, or to design cars outside the Automation sphere?

In this I’m hoping to create a design group where we create cars together, sort of like a manufacturing team.

We will create cars on Automation to be sent to BeamNG.drive for the videos we make.

It’s more of a revival project than anything else, and the cars (with proper credit) will be featured on YouTube on our official channel.