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Let's Play: Fun Premium 1992

Hey guys!

Just put out a quick update on what is going on in development. Summary: we’re busy implementing the basic Lite Campaign features and continue to build the competitor cars. A proper Little Dev Update should be possible the coming week, showing some of the bare-bones Lite Campaign things.

So in this video I show you how to hammer home the Fun Premium market demographic in the mid-90s :slight_smile:



I put closed-caption on accidentally.
And I quote: “hey guys, this is Kieran speaking”.:grin:

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Air suspension and adaptive dampers on a cheap and shitty hatchback in 1992? Yeah sure.

Nice troll. (I mean: reading a title is too much to ask for) :wink:

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This has nothing to do with trolling. I am just pointing out that air suspension and adaptive dampers are not exactly the kind of tech you’d find in a car competing against VTEC Civics. You mad now? :kiss:

So what do you think “Premium” stands for?

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In a realistic scenario “premium” means that something costs 20% more than an equivalent non-premium product with very little in the way of actual gain. Most of the time it comes down to a slightly less ugly interior and maybe a fast version here and there. If it actually were superior it’d be called accordingly.

“Fun Premium” has 78% more budget than the “Fun” demographic. I think you preconceptions just don’t fit what it actually is in the game.

True. The game has a certain vision of how to car and my own doesn’t really gel with that.