Lifespan stay at 0.0 (Cold Steal Taxi)

I have a problem with this scenario :
Scenarios -> Crossplane V8 -> Cold Steel Taxi

Whatever I do, the lifespan stay at 0.0 :
It say “A bottom end part is reducing its lifespan, due to it starting to reach its rpm limit”, but it don’t dies during the test, And I tested to reduce the rpm limit too…

This is my configuration :

Hi, try using a higher quality (on the top left) in the fuel systems tab. The 4bbl carburettor is penalised on lifespan because it is advanced tech for that year, so you have to make it reliable with money. :slight_smile:

Owh yeah I see now !

Thank you so much, I’m stupid, so there is no bug… :unamused:

Have I to put something at the beginning of the title to say the problem is solved ?