Lighting issue in sandbox car designer

Hi guys

Found an issue where the lighting on the lefthand side of the car isn’t correct.

Lefthand side

Righthand side

Stay safe!


Me too, but I honestly don’t know if it’s a probelm strictly related to this scenario lighting characteristics or something shared with the other two. Recently I’m using this design studio for its “neutral light”, but it’s only a few days I’ve come up with this…:thinking:

Apparently, in this beta release (Apr 28, 2020), they are updating the lighting improving ambient occlusion, global illumination, and other things related. The thing is, some scenarios aren’t really prepared to handle that just yet, right now the lest affected one is the 1980s room, so for the time being use that room.

Actually, the 80s design room lags a real ton on the latest patch. The only one that works fine is the 2010’s design room but that has a broken skybox.

It’s now bad all around the car now…but I’ve found that if you go to “Export car”, from the mini-menu and then go back the lighting looks good.

Can you change the room you design the cars in?