Limited production

One user said this back in 2016

Strait to the point. Since i started playing i haven’t heard anything about limited series models. As far as i understand in the tycoon mode when we make a car it will start selling until we stop the production of the model.

My suggestion is to have an input box where we write down the amount of cars we want to manufacture from the selected model, and they will have a higher price but more prestige.

And Killrob replied with this

Limited series production will be in the game, increasing the model prestige (not to be confused with the car stat Prestige).

And my question is, when is this going to be in game? Next big update, or 4.2? It would be really cool to have something like that for supercars or luxury cars

Limited production is going to be added as part of LCV5.2, I think that was noted in the Dev Outlook video.

Oh boy, that’s gonna take some time
But still I’m super hyped about lights in photoscenes