Limted Edition Gryphon - Mad mans car series

Ever wanted to be propelled in supreme luxury down to your country club in a hurry? Well we have the solution for you!

Now you can sip on champagne hurtling down the country roads at 200mph, as you sit back in your reclining, heated, massaging seat while watching the news on your 22" TV.

The small and subtle 1 Megawatt engine, hum’s proudly as it gently caresses the car to 60mph in less than 3 seconds, firmly cushioning you further into your voluptuous sofa like seat.

And lastly, wildlife you inevitably run down at 200mph, will be glad it was allowed to die in such luxury as the compressor blades turn it into premium mince.

Okay, joking is over.

Here is the Vengeful Gryphon, the ultimate luxury performance vehicle!
Click the image for a full album and performance figures.

Weight: 2,208kg - 4,867lbs (Carbon fibre chassis and panels to keep weight as low as possible. (Chassis, panels and engine only weigh 500kg lol)
Power: 1,194kW - 1,601hp 4.5L Inline 6 Turbo
Top speed: 386kph - 240mph (Limited)
0-100kph/0-60mph: 2.7seconds
100-0kph/60-0mph: 29m - 95ft
Economy: 36.75l/100km - 7.68mpg(UK) - 6.4mpg(USA)
MTBF: 64,660km - 40177mi

Tameness: 27.2
Sportiness: 85.2
Comfort: 67.9
Prestige: 88.0
Safety: 82.3

Automation test track time: 140.84s
Airfield track time: 80.68s

Cost to produce: Unknown (approx. $450,000)
Cost to pruchase: $575,000 (Estimated)


  • Hand-crafted items including but not limited to the seats, dashboard, carpets and steering wheel.

  • The best entertainment systems available, including built in satellite linked and online games consoles for the rear 2 passengers on 20" TVs in-bedded in the back of the front seats. Also comes with an inbuilt desktop PC on the front passengers dashboard. Along with satellite TV for the center console, PC and two rear TVs. Full 7.1 surround sound 3000w speaker system, with individual audio jack outputs and inputs for the 2 rear TVs and PC.

  • Center console features include but are not limited to GPS, car parameters viewer and editor, in-built self diagnostics, international phone call station via satellite connection all on a 22" touch screen monitor.

  • Fully electric Reclining, heated, massaging seats draped in any material of your choice.

  • In built mini refrigerator behind the handbrake, with larger refrigerator and freezer in the trunk.

  • Four additional power outlets for upto 240v items to be plugged in, along with usual phone charging facilities and USB(1 for all 6 types) connectivity on the center console.

  • Gyroscopicly stabilized 5-axis motion cancelling cup holders for all passengers except driver. (Has regular cup holder)

List continues, however it’s all pretty standard from here on out, like radio with MP3 and MP4 conectivity for example.
Note: The whole car has internet conectivity, and is a WiFi hotspot with 200m+ Range via satellite connection.

Yep, shes a beast…


i’m guessing you may have some issues with turbo lag :smiley: the 0-60 time is fast but nevertheless tells me that the turbo takes a lot of time to kick in, otherwise the car would be a lot faster even with 2.2 tons. just imagine a Bugatti Veyron with another 600hp and like 200kg more weight, it would be much faster. That’s only a natural problem when you take a 4.5L engine and make it produce 1600hp so try using a bigger engine. No worries, i have an upcoming luxury car and it fits a 10.0L V8 even when it’s AWD so there’s plenty of space in the engine bay :smiley: And a V8 will give you an even higher Prestige stat :wink:


Kudos on making so much power from an inline 6! Great car, and looks nice too! But…6.4mpg… :open_mouth: faints

Reminds me of the Bugatti Veyron’s fuel consumption, 07CobaltGirl.

Pass anything but a pump!

I wouldn’t call .3 seconds an ‘issue’ in a 2.2 ton car.

I made a 1500hp V8 to test this, and the acceleration was only .3 faster, and as such with the higher production costs of a 10L V8 I don’t see any issues with the TINY effect turbo lag has.

Also the V8 is less reliable by along way.

LInk to 1500hp V8 car:

Side note: Thanks for the comments and feedback everyone, much appreciated!

but the difference between 2.7 and 2.4 seconds from 0-62 really does matter, it shows that even with 100hp less the engine is much more responsive and makes its power earlier so for me that’s a pretty big difference. Good job on that one :smiley: it’s probably a bit more economical as well xD

I guess it would be personal preference, I just prefer a more reliable, smaller engine with potential for a higher top speed and for it to be as cheap as possible to produce.

And also I would’t mind the extra wait of .3 seconds, it would allow more time to watch the news on my way to town. :laughing: