Lite Campaign 4.2.13 Lua Error

The 4.2.13 has brought an unexpected Lua error again, where it occured in the car designer menu after I have selected an engine from Engine Designer menu.

Methods of Replication

  1. Open the Car Designer menu
  2. Click at New Car Model
  3. Select any car body
  4. Select Access Engine Manager menu
  5. Select an existing engine
  6. Done, and you will receive an error as seen below

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I had that last night. I was editing the database. I fixed it by deleting the offending car.


How can I edit the database to delete an offending car?, note that I still get the same error in Lite Campaign 4.2.14 hotfix even without any mods installed.

If you can still play, load engines one at a time

Yes, I can still play it, When I load an engine from Engine Project Selection (then click Existing Engine) rather than accessing Engine Manager menu, the bug does not occur.
However, there is another (variable) Lua bug after I deleted an existing engine from Main Menu.

Methods of Replication

  1. Open the Engine Designer menu
  2. Create an engine
  3. Delete the newly-created engine
  4. Open the Car Designer menu