Lite campaign factory selection problem

I have a factory selecting problem. I don’t know why exactly, but I can only select five out seven factories (Car&engine) when I want to select factory for a new car model.The company owns three factories on a medium size gasmean plot, three factories on a large fruinian plot and one factory on a huge archanan plot.

I can only select two gasmean factories, to fruinian factories and the only archanan factory. The other factories are producing the models Atlas and Model 9 without being able to stop the production of these models…

It might have something to do with the Blitz car model in the file, which never entered production, because I got nil value errors from that car the moment it entered production in some earlier files, forcing me to reload an earlier file with the blitz in design status.

The file you probably want to inspect is too large to upload (6,31 MB), so I don’t know how you can receive it.

the savegame would indeed be helpful to get for looking into this! You can send it to
just link this post of yours so that we can connect the dots. :slight_smile:

I have sent the file to the mentioned e-mail adress.

Got it, thank you! :slight_smile:

Got another and probably the same factory selection problem with just one car and engine factory, this time it is probably related to a double engine family.

I made car model (Orion II) and engine family 37 in 1993 with VVL with +4 tech points in the top end block. The game somehow unselects VVL constantly, (already reported) even when you create a second engine for the engine family, which should lock the family design options. I discovered this a few moments before I wanted to start the project.

So, in order to avoid a possible bug later on, I made a second engine family (38) with nearly the same properties as the previous family, but without VVL and replaced the engines of all car trims with a family 38 engine. When I came to the engine factory screen, I got the message that I should give the engine factory a legal plot, despite the fact that I already assigned the car and engine factory from the first Orion model.

In order to adress the message, I selected a new engine plot to buy, but got the same message again. Then I deleted the whole engine family 37 and got the same message once more. Bought a second car factory plot, but that didn’t help either. When I created a new car model, the car and engine family producing the Orion model were not available to select, which means the factory will produce the same car and engine until the end of the game.

In the case you want to inspect the game file, I shall send it to the same e-mail adress, since this file is also too large to upload on the forum.

Yes, the VVL bug is a known issue. Unfortunately, at this point it is not feasible to fix any more bugs in the currently public version of Automation. Most things (apart from calculations) get a rewrite anyway, so any effort spent on fixing old problems will be time lost developing the next version, which is of the highest priority right now. I hope that makes sense (even if it sucks).