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Little Dev Update: 20. May 2016

Check it out!


You have to design 1700 Cars? I can help :wink:

I have a few drawings, concept cars, if anyone wants to model them.

That I3 looks like it was designed in the US in early 50’s,
modern engines almost always have very small walls between cylinders.
AUDI have on nearly all their engines 5.5mm between the bores.
(90mm C-C with 84.5mm bore, or 88mm C-C with 82.5mm bore)
Chevy LS 4.4" C-C 3.9" up to 4.125" bore. (.5" 12.7mm down to .275 6.985mm)

So maybe the game needs assets that reflect the progression in engine design over the decades.

Nope, ignore this “rant” :innocent: and make the game instead, prehaps for the mythical Automation 1.0+ :persevere: the extra assets can be made.

Thanks for providing actual numbers :slight_smile:
There are a few things that complicate the matter though:

  • We scale engines straight up from 300cc to 4100cc (for I3s) using the same static assets. Of course that makes the walls at large size too wide and at small size probably correct or too small.
  • The assets need to be tileable. Blocks and heads are now created from one-cylinder pieces. Making that happen requires some leeway in scale to make things look good.



Is that all 1700 competitor cars are working model in the game or just some parameter?
And whether it is, in campaign or even muiltplayer mode how detail could we know about competitor’s car?

Competitor cars are normal cars just the way you’d build them, so you will be able to get info about your competitors (eventually).

Da, da, VAZ-2101 Best car ever. Much better than trash can Fiat 124.