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Little Dev Update: 28. November 2016

Finally some more UE4 related news for you guys :slight_smile: with a little bit of engine pr0n for you guys towards the end.



nice to see the 90 degree V6’s. i know in earlier versions you guys were saying you weren’t going to include them, but i’m glad you did, that means i can recreate the Gm 4.3 V6 now :smiley:

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They still don’t make much sense, but with the engineering familiarity they are at least a little useful. Now that it is so easy for us to include them at basically no cost that, we don’t really see why not. In the old system it would have been a pain though. :slight_smile:


Small question, I understand that you guys will be releasing the unreal update in bits (first the designers, then maybe the rest [scenarios, lite campaign…]), if that’s correct, we’ll be able to go back and forth between the unreal and kee until the full game is port it?

If we release a “sandbox only” UE4 version then yes, the old version would still be available. This is unlikely to happen though because as soon as we put out a public version of the UE4 build we have to pay royalties. So we’re probably going with an all-at-once release that has the same features as the current build but with a few upgrades / extra contents. :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to keep a Kee version of the game available in the Steam library? Kind of like how Skyrim Special Edition doesn’t replace Skyrim Original? I’d just really like to be able to go back to my old cars and engines for reference :slight_smile:


@Killrob I brought the Game on 15.03.15 (3 days after Steam release) via Steam… Will i get the V16s or do i have to wait? :worried:

Nope. Doesn’t matter when you bought it on Steam, we get to wait and then pay more to get it.

(March 24, 2015, for the record.)

Why not 90 deg V10?
Audi, BMW, Chrysler and Ford makes them.
The only non 90 are; Lexus (72) and Porsche (68).
(Why Porsche chose 68, you have to ask them)

Apart from that: SERIOUS engine porn.:heart_eyes:


Holy. Fuck.

Can’t express how awesome this is. Just speechless.


That was great.

I guess did you choose 90° V16 instead of 45° for a matter of assets reusability?

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You say there is ‘no cost’, but what about the engine sound? Even and odd firing don’t sound the same, and you guys seem to be sticklers for consistency on these sorts of issues. Or is creating the sound fairly easy as well?

60 and 90 degree V6s use the same firing order, so I don’t really see the point you are trying to make.

The only difference is that the banks are wider appart, causing a more vibration.

I’m not specifically talking about the V6, but the general idea of offering multiple angles. Unless only similar sounding configurations will be considered.

I’m not trying to start any wars, but like Rob said, the V10 was commonly used in 90 degrees.

Unless you were thinking of the Crank angle of a 90 Degree V10, which happens to be 72.

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Only a couple of questions…


And erm…When?



Oh yeah, Rob misspoke there, all v10s will actually be 90deg :slight_smile:


Do we get straight-8s to tide us non-V16 purchasers over?


@phale Keeping an inferior version on Steam even before it is done? Definitely not for nostalgia reasons, but we may keep it on there as an option for people with systems not compatible to DX11.

@Crossworks yeah, you have to wait. Back in 2012 people paid some $10 extra to help us out and to get the V16s, backstabbing them is not our style :stuck_out_tongue: so you go back in line.

@RobtheFiend @Lordred Yes, I was confused as to what exactly we plan for the V10s, fortunately most are lazy+efficient bastards and design them in 90 degree, even though 72 degrees technically would be optimal for smoothness.

@NormanVauxhall Correct, and most manufacturers base their V16 design on “tape two V8s together” anyway, hence 90 degrees instead of the optimal angle which would be 45 degrees.

@Leedar No cost indeed refers to no new engine sounds, the differences are tiny, so we go the easy route. It is either that or they don’t make it into the game at all. :slight_smile:

@TR8R When it’s done! :stuck_out_tongue:

@KLinardo xD I8s may be part of a second engine DLC (according to the FAQ) :wink: definitely not coming earlier than that.


Hmm, will the V16 DLC be available as soon as the V16s themselves or later?