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Little Dev Update: 31. March 2017

It has been quite a few rough weeks with getting things to work for the car designer and now finally we got a version that’s barely running so that we can show what’s been going on.

Check out the video to find out more about the upcoming update. :slight_smile:


One question (at least for now :stuck_out_tongue:) - am I right that we will get 90 degree V6s and 60 degree V8s in this update, but not those fancy new intake types?

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I guess proper data implementation like km/h, mph, acceleration in seconds will be implemented?

Correct! You will get V10s, V8 60deg, and V6 90deg.
The intake types will still be limited to Standard, Performance, and Race - but of course using the respective most appropriate 3D model for them.

I guess proper data implementation like km/h, mph, acceleration in seconds will be implemented?



Hmm, what about boxers? They are going to be introduced in later updates, or in this one? I guess it’s the first option?

nope, the boxers will come far more later. The assets of the boxers are not ready yet


Hey guys,

I hope this fits into this topic :smile: I’ve been watching your work for years now, though as a lot of early access developments tend to end in not a quite satisfactory manner, I decided to wait until I sponsor you with your work, so as to see if you really mean to finish this game. As you may guess, after a few check-ups each 3 months or so, I decided to buy your game to sponsor the development. I love the idea, love the mindset, love your dedication to make this game as good as possible. I like seeing you making so much progress, the port to UE4 looks amazing, I’m really really looking forward to this game once it’s fully released. Would you happen to have an estimate as to when could that be? I’ll gladly wait until mid 2018, rather than play an unpolished game, which is the same as you’d want as well. I’d also love to see some diesels, but understand the complexity of adding them into the game.

Just wanted to share my joy of playing some of the lite campaign, would also love to give feedback wherever needed. Love all that you did so far guys, keep up the good work, have a great time programming! :slight_smile:

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Great to hear, welcome. :slight_smile:
As you probably know by now having followed us for so long, we “don’t do release dates” anymore unless they are in the near future! One big update at a time every 3-4 months and we’ll get there eventually :wink: