Who said building sports cars was expensive?
We think that sports cars should be available not only to rich people.
At LKCars, we realized that medium-class workers also want ferociously fast cars.
And, luckily thats exactly what we build!

Introducing the K45T.

Its high performance variant, the K45LM.

People who want a sports car but have a family, this one’s for you; the L37S

Want a crazy 4-door saloon? The L45T.
The front part is slighty different from the standard model to better accommodate its 4.5l v8.

Edit #1:

We enlarge our model line-up with the brand new C20T

And its bigger sister called C24T

We also plan on adding some SUV-ish cars as soon as we can!

That’s the end of edit #1

Feedback would be appreciated!

I like the position on the market you are aiming at. I also like how you have a sportscar and then an even sportier car if you are looking for that little bit extra :slight_smile:

Well, thanks! It is good seeing people liking my stuff. :smiley:

That first one kinda looks like a Mitsubishi 3000gt

Quite true
Then, maybe I should rename it the K3000GT :laughing:

New car!
The S40GTO!
Definitely LKC’s sportiest car
Everything from its engine placement to its wide rear wheel arches was studied to make it the best car in its category.
One additionnal thing: Popup headlights! :mrgreen:

Edit: more cars!

The A36T,
chromy, powerful and simple.

The X74SS,
made to be homlogated for a V8 saloon race series.
In this car you get:
-Road-going 7.4L Racing V8.
-enough doors.
-enough seats.
-enough fuel capacity.
Door handles aren’t essential for a race car. :laughing:

I really like some of your designs, like the C20T, it looks simple yet very nice, but some of them are overdesigned, too much vents etc, try to make them simpler

Yeah I’m trying less ventilated designs. They just happened to be some of my first-ish cars.

New stuff time!

The M51,
available in two similar yet different packages.

The first being the M51PS.
The PS is more for going from point A to B in style and purpleness.
It has got a beefy 5.1 V8 which will be plenty.

The other one is the M51YS.
Another usually unusual color and the same engine.
Its muscly style traces its roots straight back to the late 60’s american muscles.

There you go!

:neutral_face: <My update waiting face.

I want the M51PS. “Purpleness” sounds so cool!