Long time player, first time poster. Unrestricted turbo size? race fuel?

Hi everyone including automation team.

I’ve been playing automation for a long time now… and pre-ordered long ago when you guys posted on LFS forum. I even tried to get my car tested for some 6cyl sounds back when I had my Cortina more than 4 years ago!

Back when the only engine type was 4cyl and there was no turbo option before you were on Steam.

Loving your work so far…

I have a suggestion / question.

Is it a possibility to have some higher octane fuel for high power engines, E85 upto even Nitromethane

Also with turbo sizes there is the possibility of reducing the bore and stroke of larger engines to have a big turbo for a smaller displacement but is there a chance we could have unrestricted turbo sizes for engines and unrestricted intercooler options?

It could open the possibility to much more power in smaller displacements and some quicker small cars.

  1. Higher octane - no. The phrase used here many times explains it: “it’s not used in production cars, and this game is only about production cars, so it’s out of the scope of the game”.

  2. Turbo sizes - somewhat recently I asked similar question, and the answer is… “no”. The sizes we currently have are said to be realistic. However there is the forced induction revamp coming in some unspecified future (IIRC after the campaign is mostly done, which is a bit vague), and maybe it will change sth in this matter (apart from adding modern turbo systems). And while I can understand why would the compressor and turbine sizes stay limited as they are (I never needed bigger turbos than currently possible - only sometimes a smaller turbine would be useful), I think it would really be helpful if the intercoolers weren’t limited. I have one situation in mind especially - trying to make a powerful 2.0 turbo - if I want to use water-air intercooler, then it limits the engine, because the bigger one (I don’t remember which is it exactly) becomes available at about 2.25l.


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For the maximum turbo size it is currently limited so that the turbo doesnt clip into the engine block. With the engine designer revamp I believe they will be adding more header options for turbos with one of those moving the turbo further away from the engine to allow for them to be made larger.

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actually, we might get higher octane PETROL/GASOLINE once the engine designer is revamped, as mentioned in the 22 Oct 2015 LDU below…but I am not so sure if it is really happening, nor does the upper limit of the octane rating, since it all depends to the dev…

we will not get other types of exotic fuels like avgas, Nitromethane or even E85 though, and that’s for sure, since it means change the value of energy content of the fuel, and things like avgas and nitromethane are obviously not relevant to production car…

Hi szafirowy01

E85 is an a fuel that can used in many production cars. Although the car may not auto tune for extra power like a koenigsegg one. It’s a fuel that is heavily used in Brazil in production cars. The Holden Commodore an every day family production car can also run on it.
It heavily reduces emissions which can be used in various green friendly scenarios and it has a higher octane rating which will allow for more boost / compression. Infact it is becoming more a part of every day production car with time :wink:

I have run into a few cases with inline 6 engines where a bigger turbo is required to max power…
Also you can have a larger turbo by simply decreasing the bore and stroke of a large engine to have a displacement the same as an engine that would not be able to have that turbo.

I understand the realistic production car aspect believe me I do. But if you take that debate further you could even say placing a 16L v12 push rod engine with an 4 barrel carburetor in the year 2017 should also be removed.

I didn’t mean E85, just higher octane petrol - and THIS is not AFAIK used in production cars. I have no idea about E85 status - if it is coming, might come, or there is no way.

I’m quite curious what were those I6s :slight_smile: Something tells me that they were about as reasonable as that 16l V12 you mention :wink:

And deleting tech… Why really? It would need additional work and research for limiting options that aren’t used in 99,9% cases anyway and are plainly limiting by themselves. I see no point.

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While it’s true that it would be exceedingly rare for a viable modern car to be sold with carbs as stock, removing tech from the tech tree would cause all kinds of gameplay flow headaches as in tycoon mode, the progressive tech only unlocks with the right time and/or research, plus companies have engineering familiarity which continue to give them bonuses beyond what you can appreciate in the sandbox. Remove the tech and you have to also wipe that part of your company history, again a headache.

It effectively is removed because it won’t pass emissions regulations. It’s not like carburetors were outlawed directly. They’re still completely legal… just unusable in a modern car, so you’ll never see them.