Lost all my cars and engines

Hi all,
I had done an update before the one I did today and lost all my cars after that update and now after the one I did today for installing the interior of the vehicles I have lost all my cars again. can anyone please help me by guiding me on getting all my cars and engines back because the list of my cars and engine have vanished on my automation game and I spent hours on the cars and engines and all were unique and all can’t be re done to what they were before.

Everyone’s cars have been “lost” after the update. Although, you can still access them by downgrading to the previous version anytime. You cannot have them in the main game anymore though. All your .car files etc. are still in the old location.

Actually cars can be re-imported (export in the old version, import in the new), although only if the body is still available. And without all the engineering, only the styling really.

It would be very convenient if the developers would provided the old version 4.2.4 in which there is a lot of mods, I think it was quite wrong to erase the game from the history of achievements. For example, I would actively use both versions.

Mods will not export though until they are updated for the new game

I’m not really sure what you mean, as for now both the LCV4.1 and LCV4.2 alpha are available, and IIRC will stay that way even after 4.2 goes into standard release, with 4.1 being one of the legacy options, just as it works for Kee and UE4.17 versions.

@VibGamer14 Yeah, that’s inconvenient, but for the most part it’s a matter of time (and surprisingly many mods got updated already).

Yeah but only about 75 out of 550+ lol
Yup all we can do is wait for now