[Low Priority] Stress Testing Trim Limits - Factory Setup Overlaps

In recreating a real life car, excessive number of trims overlap on the factory setup page. It looks like it can handle 16 trims max… but, I want all the trims. :rofl: Can a scroll bar be added here? I totally understand if it’s not worth the effort since this would fall under “abnormal usage/gameplay”.

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Wait… you can make any number of trims in a factory?


Great question! :grinning:

Yes - You can make any number of trims in a factory - but the more trims you build in any ONE factory the lower the efficiency of that factory. The lower the efficiency, the lower the total output. So while a 1-trim medium factory might produce 7,000 units or more monthly… 21 trims would shrink that to maybe 900 or less.

So what I did to combat this is similar to what any other major manufacturer does. Build LOTS and LOTS of factories. I built a large factory for the “normal” coupe trims, a large factory for the “normal” convertible trims, and a medium factory for the Track Pack trims. The efficiency was still “low-ish” for the large factories (around 45-55%) but it was still high enough to produce what I believed to be a realistic number of cars.


Huh, good to know, I thought there’s still a limit.

You can indeed have as many trims as you want :slight_smile: but you should not have more than “factory size class +1” trims per factory. So 2 for a tiny, 4 in a medium, 6 in a huge.