Low Torque High HP engine

So basically, I’m trying to get the most power out of the I3 engine, and I was wondering how I could decrese the torque while increasing the hp…
I currently “only” have 800hp for 1500Nm of torque
And since I wanted to not cause any damage to the engine, because the point on this engine is to be reliable unlike the V12, I try to have the least torque possible to keep the reliability debuff on the crank, the pistons and on the conrod lower than -10% reliablity.

Higher revs. HP is basically torque * revs * constant, so there’s not really much of a way around that. To a lesser degree - lower boost will decrease the peak torque more than peak HP most of the time, also fiddling with different headers and intakes might help. Higher cam profile, if you’re not already at the optimal setting for peak power.

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