Lua error B1414

Just having this every time trying to launch sand box mode platform designer. Reinstalled the game, not working. Deletet all the old platforms and engines, still have the problem. Also having troubles with engine designer - engine head not shown, showing simillar error when choosing different types of cam drive. Game does not crash, just cant run the sand box mode platform designer.

Try to uninstall the game and launcher, use the cleaner tool, then redownload a new copy of the launcher let it install the game then a new 1414 patch.

To add to the above: clean out the “installers” in Documents/Automation too, to be sure it’s not a bad patch file or something.

I’ve just deleted all the automation files from PC and downloaded and installed again. Seems it’s working now. Thanks

Since installing the new version 1414 I have also lost all of my platforms. Also when I create a new platform, it does not appear in the list, so something is obviously not wroking properly. I will try uninstalling and installing from scratch.

I am not very computer-profficient. When you say that you deleted all of the files - does that mean that you went into the Automation folder and selected and deleted everything? Or is there more to it than that?

Also, I don’t suppose there is a way that you can save your platforms and/or engines from the uninstalling process and add them back in once the new build is re-installed? I have noticed that people are trading platforms and engines, but I can not see where these file are stored in the Automation folder. Can anyone advise please?


@Jont: You need to uninstall the game via the uninstaller and then go to your Documents folder and delete the Automation folder. That cleans up everything. To make sure things are gone you can also run the Automation Cleaner Tool found here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1271

Then you make a clean reinstall of the game by downloading the launcher from your user control panel here in the forums.
Save you engines somewhere else before you do that (they are in the Documents/Automation/Engines folder) and put them back when the reinstall is done, that may cause more problems though.


Cheers Rob

I’ll scrap the old engines and start again from scratch :slight_smile: