LuaExporter - Create exporter scripts easily

A new simplified way to make exporter scripts

LuaExporter is a custom exporter plugin for Automation that abstracts the C++ environment and lets users easily create Lua scripts to export necessary data


  • Select luaExporter in Automation’s export manager and click export
  • Next you will be asked to select a Lua file to run
  • An example script can be found in C:\Users\ [user] \AppData\Local\AutomationGame\luaExporter\ .scripts
  • Once complete, the exported files can be found in C:\Users\ [user]\AppData\Local\AutomationGame\luaExporter\ [Folder Name], where [Folder Name] is defined in the exporter screen

Script creation

There are several sources that can help you develop Lua scripts, such as:


Download LuaExporter here or check out the source code on GitHub


The .dll files are to be placed in the Steam\steamapps\common\Automation\UE427\AutomationGame\Content\ExportPlugins folder

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