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Luceat Studios is a classical design studio that makes designs of all kinds. Based in California and founded in 1930 by Marcus Luceat, we take requests professionally from other companies, although we don’t commonly make our own vehicles. Now owned by Brian Luceat, artistic style runs in the family, and only the best work at our studio. We can take any requests, however, and we promise it will be done in the swiftest of times and be of the highest quality.

If one wants a car designed for them, please leave a post in this forum and then PM me for more information.

This is an innovative concept, great idea, titleguy. Not sure if many people will be interested, however…

I agree it’s a neat concept. But I also agree exactly with Leo, in that this forum by its very nature lends itself to people who want to make their own designs.

That said, if you could convince people of the benefits of roleplaying collaborations, as there are a number of people who just make engines but don’t build bodies in which to place them…

To build on what Strop said, I also find myself sometimes struggling to create an effective design for a car, and possibly getting an idea from someone else could help tremendously.

Maybe I’ll do something similar to this. I often end up in a situation like Spitfire, but instead I have a bunch of designs and nothing to do with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants any work done, just PM me.

Hey, now I can have an in-character way to explain our collabs. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=200]Luceat Lautus Design Concept[/size]
The winner of the Q1 2014 “Small Sedan” competition.

The Luceat Lautus was styled by Juliano Borranegra, a post-graduate student who has worked at Luceat for a mere 2 years. However, the Lautus is an elegantly styled car that mixes both masculine and feminine styling cues. With a compact design and classic proportions, the Luceat represents the past, present, and future of Luceat’s history.

Is this company like Pininfarina?

Something about that front end seems bland to me… Maybe it’s the beige.

What are those rear lights made of?

Yes. As a matter of fact, I’d like to think that it’s almost exactly like Pininfarina but based in California.

Photoshop. In full honesty, I just touched up the front and back of the car.

(So, anyone want a car designed for them?)

I might want you to design one for me, but in a little bit.

do you need any additional designers?

[size=200]Luceat Velocity Design Concept[/size]
The winner of the Q4 2013 “Purity” competition.

The Luceat Velocity concept was styled by James Pierce, a veteran designer at Luceat for over 10 years. The Velocity is meant to demonstrate speed and motion while remaining stationary, while being true to a pure flowing nature.

[size=200]2004 Helix Bullet Concept by Luceat[/size]

A dynamic, flowing, yet aggressive and imposing character, meant to show the design of a bullet. Designed by James Pierce, who at the time was a new designer, the Helix Bullet was a hardcore supercar that doesn’t fail to impress.

Oh, you improved it quite a bit! Thanks!

interested in enhancing a 1990s sedan? (opel omega body and coupe as well

Manche, we are pleased to help with any designing offers you have.

Not hating on it, far from it, but it’s a supercar, the design should not be so uncomplicated in my opinion. Think TG logics - “Lamborghini should be mad, it should have machine guns and a jet engine” this is the sort of outlandish design I would like to see