Lukaku Offroad Cup 2024

The Lukaku Offroad Cup 2024 is an offroad competition consisting of three rounds. SUBMISSIONS OPEN AT 20.2.2024. This is my first competition (as a host), so expect some mistakes along the way.

The car…
…Must be from years 1960-1990.
…Must have the model name (car AND engine) set to LOC2024. Trim name free to choose.
…Cannot have horsepower over 500.
…Must use fuel 95 RON.
…Must have a visible number on the vehicle. ASK ME FOR THE NUMBER BEFORE POSTING THE CAR.
…Must have headlights, windshield wipers, mirrors, an antenna and door handles.
That´s all of the rules. If you have any questions, ask by replying to the thread! We´ll most likely race the cars, but i´m not sure, but i´ll try really hard to work it out. Further information will be provided soon.

I now have an example car made to give you a better understanding of what I´m expecting. Your´s doesn´t have to be a pickup and you should try to make your car better than mine (I suck at making engines). This is not only a guide to making your car, but also on how to post it. REMEMBER TO ASK FOR A NUMBER FOR YOUR CAR BEFORE POSTING IT!

Here´s my car, the Katako Workhorse! There´s the production model B4 and the competition vehicle RT4. Here´s a couple of pictures:
B4 (31.5 KB)
RT4 (37.7 KB)

What is this supposed to be?


I actually have an idea for you (and one that’s bound to work!)- this thread could be used for your various Automation car designs, and therefore should be moved to the Car Design subforum after that. Come to think of it, that’s very similar to how I got started here.


Do you want good news or bad news first?
Either way, you will be given a choice

Bad news

No, it’s not possible to delete this thread

Good news

Reread ABG’s idea: it could indeed work in case you decide to showcase your builds in the future

Also makes sure that this thread will indeed find some proper use