Lukaku Offroad Cup 2024

The Lukaku Offroad Cup 2024 is an offroad competition consisting of three rounds. SUBMISSIONS OPEN AT 20.2.2024. This is my first competition (as a host), so expect some mistakes along the way.

The car…
…Must be from years 1960-1990.
…Must have the model name (car AND engine) set to LOC2024. Trim name free to choose.
…Cannot have horsepower over 500.
…Must use fuel 95 RON.
…Must have a visible number on the vehicle. ASK ME FOR THE NUMBER BEFORE POSTING THE CAR.
…Must have headlights, windshield wipers, mirrors, an antenna and door handles.
That´s all of the rules. If you have any questions, ask by replying to the thread! We´ll most likely race the cars, but i´m not sure, but i´ll try really hard to work it out. Further information will be provided soon.

I now have an example car made to give you a better understanding of what I´m expecting. Your´s doesn´t have to be a pickup and you should try to make your car better than mine (I suck at making engines). This is not only a guide to making your car, but also on how to post it. REMEMBER TO ASK FOR A NUMBER FOR YOUR CAR BEFORE POSTING IT!

Here´s my car, the Katako Workhorse! There´s the production model B4 and the competition vehicle RT4. Here´s a couple of pictures:
B4 (31.5 KB)
RT4 (37.7 KB)

What is this supposed to be?


I actually have an idea for you (and one that’s bound to work!)- this thread could be used for your various Automation car designs, and therefore should be moved to the Car Design subforum after that. Come to think of it, that’s very similar to how I got started here.


Do you want good news or bad news first?
Either way, you will be given a choice

Bad news

No, it’s not possible to delete this thread

Good news

Reread ABG’s idea: it could indeed work in case you decide to showcase your builds in the future

Also makes sure that this thread will indeed find some proper use


Just a reminder, submissions open!

Well, you did said you may provide further information…which is something that must be done anyway to call this proper competition.
I hope my critique may also direct you in desired direction: as-is this really can go in so many ways
Also going through some previous challenges would likely be good way to both organize competition and give idea about what competition is going to be

1) You said it may consist of three rounds and that we will likely race the cars

We may need more info on that. BeamMP races were done before which would indeed mean participants are directly racing against each other and being on track at the same time: might be possible but would include some greater complexity for both sides
In case you decide to go in this direction…i said as much as i personally know

Another option would be time trials where someone drives the car alone around the track. Time at which this someone completes the track is relevant here.
I said “someone” as that could be participant, host (in this case you) or some dedicated driver(s).
In case participant drives the track, they may need to provide video of said lap so you could verify lap and confirm cuts and stuff like that.

Either way it would be appreciated to give more info in this regard so participants can prepare accordingly (or voice their opinion on this part in more precise manner)
Tracks on which competition is held would in general also happen to be named in rules although likes of ZERC exist where whole roster of tracks is unveiled as competition goes on

2) Car rules expansion

Dont think anything you already set as rule is wrong…because it isnt.
There are just few issues

We are very competitive community: happy to help each other but also trying as hard as possible to get most out of rules.
If we are given opportunity to use +15 Quality and +15 Techpool and would be able to get all of best and greatest components we likely WILL do so.

…or atleast some would do that
Others may decide to submit whatever so you better be ready to get some…interesting entries in that case
All cars below are…not exactly what you expected but would be completely legal with some numbers on them (which do not affect their mechanical compatibility)

Potential limits you could introduce:

  • ET (Engineering Time)
  • PU (Production Units)
  • Material Cost
  • Estimated price
  • Power-to-weight ratio
  • Drivability
  • Offroad
  • Comfort
  • Limits on what can be used regarding parts
  • Reliability
  • Loudness (of the engine)
  • Body choice (wheelbase, body type)
  • Drivetrain layout (does it need to be front engined or engine can be placed elsewhere? Are you allowed to use CVT transmission? What about my FWD car?)
    and they are by no means all possible stats you could find

To arrive to these limits, you must create some mule cars yourself.
Mule cars should cover all types of submissions you expect to see in your challenge as based on their stats you may write preliminary rules for challenge
Ofc final rules will arrive after feedback from potential entrants: you may not have expected someone would plan to submit offroady van so you should decide if you will allow such entries for example

On another note maybe it would be smart if you define how many cars at maximum can be submited by one person.
Number that usually applies is one entry per user

3) Time period for rules deliberation and submission deadline

What is “rules deliberation” period?
That is period during which you are going to be willing to accept feedback from potential participants regarding rules.
As such, changes in rules during this period are expected.

After this period is finished, rules are considered set in place and, unless some update arrives in meantime, would stay as such until end of competition.
Submission deadline is date and time until you accept submissions. Resubmissions may or may not be allowed (which again is your call).

Are we required to post pictures of our car with some description here in thread?
Or are we in need to describe car and provide pictures to you in Direct Messages upon submitting (if not said otherwise .car files are usually sent to host through said Dir3ct Messages)

Circled icon on picture below is profile pic of cake_ape host of this LHC thing

@Lukaku If you made a competition like this in the format that ZERC is like Nikolen suggests I think it would be really fun! He seems to be helpful and he might help you with creating your draft competition through DM’s and making sure that its ready and going to be a competitive race. Then youll have a much better understanding of what makes a good competition and youll have a lot of participants I am sure!

Thank you for the advice, but I don´t think this competition is gonna happen. There´s no participants. But if I´ll make another one of these, I´ll definitely use your advice!

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