Lurram Automotive

Introducing Lurram Automotive.* A unique car manufacturer combining stunning modernism and simplicity to shape the future of cars.*

Our first concept design; the Lurram Be1…

…which later evolved into our first model; the Lurram Revolte Min1 Sport:

Technical Specifications:
[ul]Engine Configuration:
68.1 CI SOHC MFI Turbo 12V Inline 4
70 BHP@5300 RPM
84 ft-lb@3900 Torque
Redline: 5800 RPM

Body & Engine:
Top Speed: 95.6 MPH
0-37 MPH@5.30
0-62 MPH@14.60
1/4 Mile@ 19.20 sec. / 69 MPH
62-0mph @ 118" 5’[/ul]

Est. Pricing: $11,995

Check in soon for our next model!