LV[4.1.11] Rear Suspension changes Maximum Front Tyre Width

In a few suspension combinations the Front Tyre Width can be larger depending on the Rear Suspension selected.
It’s possible this is intentional, but from my perspective it is not obvious why a rear suspension change would affect the maximum front tire width.
Compared to crashes this is small potatoes, but who knows maybe there’s a larger issue.

In the picture below were the size combinations I saw by creating a ‘default’ vehicle by simply selecting the first option of every list including engine until I could save the new vehicle. Thereby using 2012 year with 10sLEdge_convertible, Steel, …Inline, 4 cyl…
One exception to that selection is radial rather than cross ply as that unlocked wide enough tires to see this maximum in effect.

In case of losing the below image compare,
Front/Rear Suspension =Coil/Coil → Coil/Trailing
Front/Rear Suspension=Leaf/Coil → Leaf/MultiLink
I believe the maximum Front Tyre Width should not change, but does from 255 → 275mm.

Front Suspension = Double Wishbone was always a maximum Front Tyre Width = 255mm in this particular vehicle regardless of Rear Suspension which seems good.
(edited image to snip rather than crop to size)

They’re just 250 kB of text files so I’ll attach them as well as a single (68.5 KB)

Using the opposite ‘default’ of the last option in every list(thereby using the oldest SUV chassis) and then shrinking the new engine(boxer 6) to min bore to fit I got a similar trend with different absolute numbers.
Strut/Coil = 215/295
Strut/MultiLink = 265/275
These are in the attached as well.

So try it with any engine in any vehicle that fits with radial tires. I’m expecting some variation of front tyre width with rear suspension selection at this point.