Mac support?

Hi, I am sorry if this has been asked before but I’ve been reading that the current Open Beta (Ellisbury Update?) includes Mac support… how do you get this if you aren’t already a contributor here? The only reason I’m not a contributor yet is because I’ve been waiting years for this game to come to Mac (I have only ever had Macs, no PCs, so never been able to play!).

Any ideas? Or will I have to keep waiting?

i currently use something called whisky (GitHub - Whisky-App/Whisky: A modern Wine wrapper for macOS built with SwiftUI) to play steam games on my mac, it doesn’t work for all but it does work for automation and beamng reasonably well so that could be an option if you just wanted to play. im not sure about mac support just straight up or not tho

Hi Calja-05, thank you for this. I have downloaded Whisky but can’t seem to figure out how to get Steam games in there. But will persevere, thank you!

I don’t know that you need to be a contributor, actually.

Okay, I know I’m running the Windows version of Steam, so I’m not sure if the UI is the same, but… First thing to do is go to the game properties menu.

With that menu opened, go to the Betas tab.

In the Betas tab, open the drop-down menu and choose “openbeta - Ellisbury Update Open Beta”. If it works the same there on Mac as it does on Windows, the game will drop into “Update Queued” and/or start downloading immediately.

MacOS support is coming, but we won’t have a workable, publicly accessible version of Automation on macOS until after the Ellisbury Update has become the public branch. There have been a significant number of obstacles that have prevented us from launching it earlier.