Maharlika Superdrome Sports Park

The Quezon Maharlika Superdrome Sports Park is a sports complex located in Cavite.
The complex is located at the site of the former US Villanueva Air Force Base and was established initially as a local racing circuit in 1999.

In 2012, the racetrack and surrounding air base was bought by Quezon’s parent company Beijing Long March Holding Group Ltd, and was subsequently redesigned as an FIA-certified Grade 1 circuit. The rest of the 800-hectare land was then converted into an international grade complex, housing a convention centre, a theme park, a large shopping mall and multiple other buildings surrounding the circuit.

The circuit features three main layouts; the 5.6km long “Grand Prix” or “International” layout, the 3.5km long “Inner Loop” layout, and the 7.7km long “Main Loop”. The circuit also has very little elevation change despite the addition of a small artificial hill during the circuit’s 2012 renovation.

All three layouts are run in a clockwise direction.

Feel free to use in whichever challenge that might require a circuit with FIA Grade 1 certification.


This is a vast complex, and I expect Quezon Motors to use the entire facility as their test track. The track set as a whole reminds me of Silverstone, but on an even larger scale - both are mostly flat and were built on a former air base. Looking at the track map, I think there’s room for a fourth layout which uses most of the Main Loop, but skips the section shared with the Grand Prix layout and utilizes the short section in the Inner Loop instead. And by the way, are these tracks clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Oops, forgot to mention these are run clockwise.