Make a new Company

Go to SandBox and make a car company with the following

  1. Max out the tech pool.
  2. your lineup should consist 3 luxury cars
    A City car with performance trim.
    A luxury sedan with a station wagon & performance trim on both models
    & 3 sports cars: a Light Sport with a V6, a Pony with a V6, V8 & a Twin-Turbo V6 & a Super with V10 with names all related to each other.
    now timeline wise its goes:
    1st Generation [1980-1985, 1986-1989 (CHMSL Update) & 1990-1995 (Facelift)]
    2nd Generation [1996-2004 & 2005-2011 (Facelift & RPM Increase from 7,500 to 9,000)]
    3rd Generation [2012-2020]

What? Why? What’s the goal, where’s the challenge in that? And how are 5 models with at least 8 trims in total 3 cars? Why are the generations fixed? Why is the RPM increase specified for one facelift? Is the max RPM fixed for all cars before and after that date to the specified values? Does it apply to all models? What do “related names” mean?


being the leading car brand in safety & being ahead of your time.
the Light Sport, Pony & Super share similar names merging them into one model.
they were introduced in 1980 but are 15 years ahead of their time the company figures that is when to replace them.
1995-1980 = 15.
2011-1996 = 15.
new tech, 1980-2004 models max out at 7,500. 2005+ max out at 9,000.
it applies to all models.

And where’s the difficult part? The actual challenge? I’m still not quite getting the idea…

You didn’t state the goal of the game, you just said the scope of the rules

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The rules are met, what should we compare? Whose car is better?

the rules are whatever you want & yes

this is just not an interesting challenge imo, I’d say if you want to make something that’s actually fun put some restrictions on tech pool and ditch the specific RPMs and the engine specs for the sports cars. Also (especially if you keep the +15 tech pool, which you shouldn’t) put some limits on PU and ET. Just being able to max out everything on all your cars is the opposite of a challenge. Also explain what entrants are actually supposed to be judged on - is this about aesthetics, engineering, or both? As it is, I don’t mean to be harsh but I don’t think anyone will want to do this.

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