Making up performance specs

In the 1950s, 60s and 70s, salesmen often made up HP, economy, top speed ect. The Jaguar E-type Series one and two can produce 225bhp, but they claimed 265bhp. Why did british leyland sell 10s of thousands (if not 100s of thousands) of the worst cars ever built in history for goodness sake?

I would have thought that the game would just spec up the actual performance, but is that the case? :question:

This is one of the areas that Automation will do better than any other (car-) tycoon game. No matter how bad or overpriced a car you make, there will always be fools who buy them. In marketing you’ll probably be able to portrait your cars different to what they are, would be an interesting mechanic. :slight_smile: Risking brand image for some more sales…

That sounds awesome! I just can’t wait for the final game to come out! :laughing: