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Manually edit car files?

Hi all - was noticing one of my favorite cars was VERY overpriced. It was one I designed a long time ago and I have several different trims for it now.

I figured out that the price issue must be that I accidentally clicked Carbon Fiber body panels…

But when I try to go back and edit them, I just get ‘Model Locked’ or ‘Trim Locked’?

How can I change the panel type to steel without having recreate the entire car…?

Is there a way to manually edit the game data file for that car?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Pressing this button will allow you to clone all your trims into a new model (you have to have a model selected and not a trim of a car) then you will have to delete all trims except one to change the chassis / suspension. You could do this for each trim you have of the car.

There is most likely a way to do this via .DB editing but lets not go there.

It used to be done like this (haven’t done it for a while, though)

  1. Export the car, quit the game.
  2. Rename database file.
  3. Start game, import car.
  4. Edit car, export car, quit game.
  5. Delete new database file, restore old file.
  6. Start game, import car.