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my thoughs exactly

Whaddaya think?

or should I think of something else, we still got time
  • keep this
  • no, rather Family Sports Utility Premium
  • something else completely

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It’s too close to the CSR round to work, and with far less lore, it simply won’t pull in the punters.


I agree with Fletch. Vans are fun and we love vans, whether cheap or premium or whatever kind at all but we’ve had a couple of van rounds over the last few weeks. Either change up the segment for the van a bit and something that is a bit different than just making standard carrier vans with high reliability and low cost, or try to shake up the round completely. Either is fine

  • Family Sports Utility Premium 1955 aka Squad cars
  • Convertible Luxury 1966 aka A-Political Low Riders
  • City 1990 aka driving school Cars

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But the blyat-mobile exists…

WTF is that? A new transformer?

I mean it’s piss poor thread managment on my part, like, why did I make a new one

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New pitch: Government subsituted Driving School cars; a political statement of a car.
A car like the country: Exiting but Safe, Prestigious but Economical, Innovatiove but Easy to handle
In a context of something something the country redeeming itself after the iron courtain fell

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That’s exactly what I voted for. If you really are going with that theme, as I expect, don’t forget to make it engaging enough for any and all potential entrants.

oh frick I think I accidentally made hhd8, but with smol cars and more prestige
but the ‘uprising’ (unification) already happened
Safety, economy, drivability and prestige in 1991 and with a 4 door smol car
< [PDC] Political Design Challange Round 6: First Impressions Matter >

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