The current system of marketing is a fire-and-forget; there are no prompts for it, there are no apparent indicators if you’re being helped or hurt by it, and it’s incredibly easy to forget it even exists.

Suggestion: on launch of a new model and on each facelift, trigger a new screen or a pop up to do a marketing campaign on this new vehicle/version of the vehicle.

  • provide the player with radio dial options for: lots of money each month for X # months
  • less money over fewer months
  • even less money over even fewer months
  • custom dollar amount over custom number of months

And then when this marketing blitz is over, it’s over.

Some advantages of this over the current system:

  • it’s buttons for the player to press over and over, and not just once at the start of the game, which they may adjust if they’re going broke
  • it better mimics how advertising works. Ford doesn’t play a generic Ford ad everytime, they have focused advertising campaigns for the targeted market segments for particular vehicles. Built Ford TOUGH was used only for their trucks. Mustangs are their own culture.
  • the player could be prompted to do some pictures of their vehicle for use in the marketing, which could be exported to a pdf and printed out as the vehicle’s brochure
  • the PROJECT system is supposed to encompass the origination of the vehicle to it’s manufacture and sale, and the marketing is how it is wrapped and presented. It makes sense that marketing is involved in the design and build of the car, that they’d be in the room, as they’d be taking pictures of the new advanced automatic transmission, ushering in a new era of comfort and fuel enconomy!

Lots of ideas and directions to go in.


The marketing system indeed is quite bare-bones at the moment and will be fleshed out more. The UI feedback for it also needs… to exist :stuck_out_tongue: