Marksman Motor Company

Not quite the best, not quite the worst… but occasionally we do hit the mark… not that often though… We pride ourselves on our Distinctly Australian Heritage.
Effectively split into 2 divisions, The American Division, and the Australian Division, still lots of communication between the divisions though.

Most of what I build for Marksman is basically Ford derived… I’m trying to be original… but I actually can’t design…


Established as a Motor company after outfitting a former ammunition and arms factory in the Abion area [which is where the name “Marksman” comes from] in late 1947 and only releasing the first actual car to the Aussie public in 1950, expansion slowly started and Headquarters was established in the Calder Region.

By the 60’s Marksman has a small foothold into the American Market with the Luxury oriented Garrison Brand [More commonly known as Marksman-Garrison] and Kodiac, whilst also striking a dealership network deal with Suisei AMC @Falling_Comet, which eventually turns into the Marksman-Suisei Alliance in 1962 soon after with some engineering shared between certain cars.

Kodiac is dead by the GFC, not much sense making basically the same car with slightly different looks in today’s age eh?

Marksman is also a design firm awkwardly… as I just stated I can’t actually design earlier, with 3 divisions

  • The Marksman Design SHED [est: 1986 AUS], for Commercial derived vehicles
  • Wedge-Tail Division [est: 1948 AUS], For general cars
  • Garrison Design House [est: 1956 US], For Luxury cars.