Marshall - Spirit of Freedom

The topic is dedicated to the American company Marshall, which produces cars of various classes. For this brand, the most important thing is the emotions that the owners of its cars receive.

Marshall was founded in 1951 by war veteran Edgar Marshall. He has been fond of cars since childhood, and built his first racing kart when he was 15 years old. Since then, he has been obsessed with the idea - to create his own company that will produce the best cars not only in the US, but throughout the world. As a result, his legacy includes hundreds of different models in completely different classes - from urban hatchbacks to huge trucks and sports coupes.

The most significant models:


One of Marshall’s most memorable models was the Regalia. The company nicknamed the model “Cruiser of Pleasure” because of the rich equipment and huge dimensions.

The model has been produced since 1957, having gone through five generations. One of the most memorable features of the first generation was the long fins used by many luxury car manufacturers of the time.

Over time, the model began to receive more and more new features, including a thruster rear axle and hydraulic suspension. The interior has always been used only the highest quality materials, including leather and expensive woods.

The fourth generation has long been the last in the history of the model, until in 2020 Marshall introduced the concept of Regalia JIIX. A year later, a production model was launched on the conveyor, which almost did not differ from the concept. The fifth generation remained true to its predecessors, retaining recognizable features, but becoming more modern and luxurious.


In 2021, Marshall unveiled its largest SUV yet. He received the name Expeditor, which was worn by the off-road modification of the Chilliad model in the 60s.

The SUV received many useful off-road features, including control of the position of the body on bumps and switchable differentials. Drivers will also appreciate enhanced underbody protection and a stability support system.


In 1946, Marshall introduced a premium sports model, which today is especially prized by collectors. In just three years, 210 coupes and 30 S3600 roadsters were produced.

The model received a powerful (by the standards of the 40s, a six-cylinder engine with 125 hp). The model is capable of developing more than 180 km/h.
Many connoisseurs have called the S3600 the most beautiful car in the history of Marshall.


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