MARUSSIA Motors is back [NEW B1 REVO]

Marussia Motors is a Russian automobile company that announced the production of sports cars under the Marussia brand.
Founded in 2007, the company began developing its own supercars. Such models as B1, B2, as well as prototypes of crossovers F1 and F2 were created. However, in 2014, the company went bankrupt.


The Klein Capital report shows that Marussia plans to make most of its money from crossovers, which will be much lower in cost due to the use of the FWM platform, which was previously used in the Armalite.

FWM has not yet confirmed cooperation with the Russian “startup”.

One thing is for sure, we do not need Russian crossovers in Europe! I hope not to meet them on the street.

Daniel, Drive Insider journalist.

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I genuinely thought this was MARUSSIA actually coming back to the market :skull:

Good job

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I came for the name, stayed for the sheer design talent

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Marussia held a private party in Sochi to reveal the reimagined 2008 B1 model with the new name B1 REVO. Technical specifications will be revealed at a later date. The first shipments of the car for this model are expected in the fourth quarter of this year.


The first B1 came out in 2008 or so - this would effectively modernize the design for a new era and keep it fresh.

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