Masato Motor Company

Masato Motor Company, a luxury car and sports car company in Japan and was chaired by Masato Ikeda. The company was founded in Japan in the 1950s and company developed first the mini cars for the Japanese and then for the European market.
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Masato 600

In the 50s, 5 years after the end of World War II, Masato was in the stable building his own car when Masato’s friend, Aki, asked:
-’‘Are you building a car? The car has already been invented, Masato’’
-’‘Yeah, I know, but I only build when I’m having fun,’’ Masato replied.
Aki decided to circle around the car and wondered where the gas tank cap was.
-’‘It’s on the engine’’, Masato replied.
Aki wondered, “But why?”
-’‘To save on costs. I have the plan to set up a car company,’’ Masato replied.
Aki laughed, but he understood, what Masato does.
Masato got the car built and asked Aki to start it. Soon, the sound of a little 4-cylinder boxer engine was heard.
Aki suggested: ‘‘Why not trade this to the general public? The car is cheap and all Japanese could afford it.’’
However, Masato hesitates: ‘‘Should i listen to Aki? Do our citizens love this car?’’
The next day, Masato decided to introduce the car to the public, and viewers wondered about the car’s appearance and circled the car. Soon, one asked:
-’‘How much does this car cost?’’
Masato replied: -’‘Less than 1000 yen’’
-’‘But why is it so cheap?’’
‘‘Because it’s done for you all’’, Masato replied.
After the introduction, 2 months later Masato was able to buy his last money at the factory where Masato cars were made. It was worth it, because the demand was much higher than what could be produced. 3 million cars were sold. The car was small and powered by a 35-horsepower, 4-cylinder, 688cc boxer that consumed 9L/100km. The car top speed is 110 km/h. The car was also made into pickup, van and convertible versions.
The car was sold in Europe, two years after it began selling in Japan.

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Masato 850 Futatsu
In 1960, Masato decided to design the next car, which incluided air-cooled rear engine, where hot air was blown out of the engine room. The car resembled the Tatra 603, which was maked to a two-seater convertible. The car’s model name was Futatsu, which means two. The car was also sold as a 3-speed automatic.

Masato Futatsu Mk. II
In 1970, Masato unveiled a new generation of Futatsu, Futatsu Mk. II. This time the car was front-engined because the rear-engined solution would cause oversteering in turns. The engine was a 1.2-liter, 6-cylinder Boxer that developed 58 horsepower. The consumption was 10L / 100km.

Masato Mk. III Turbo
In 1980, Harato surprised users with the new Futatsu Mk. III Turbo. The Mk. III Turbo has a 25Z engine, reduced to 2 liters and fitted with a turbocharger for the first time. The carburetor was replaced with an EFI-system and the car also got log wing doors.

Masato Futatsu Mk.IV
In the 90s, a new car, the Futatsu Mk.IV, was built. For the first time, the car used ABS and TC. The car was powered by a 2.7-liter 5-cylinder engine that produced 230 horsepower at 6200rpm.

Masato Futatsu Mk.V
In 2005, Harato designed the new Futatsu Mk.V. The new flagship of this Masato factory was exported worldwide and competed with American cars.

Luxury cars

Masato 25Z
In 1975, Masato died and then his son, Harato, took over as CEO. At that time the factory was
old fashioned and not even boxer engines sold.
Harato was taken over as CEO, because Harato know how the cars of the factory should look.
This time, Harato abandoned boxer engines and switched to straight engines. He designed a more powerful 110 horsepower, 5-cylinder engine. He only needed a suitable body for this engine.
Because the factory made luxury and sports cars, Harato decided to make a luxury car, which was also available with a 3-speed automatic. The model designation became 25Z. (2500cc, Z=zeitaku= luxury)

Masato 2500 DeLuxe
A couple of years after the launch of the 25Z, Harato decided to design the next car using the same engine but this time fitted with mechanical fuel injection. The first car rolled out of the factory in 1977.

Masato 27Z
In 1990, Harato was asked to make a limousine for Japanese politicians with a powerful engine and good mobility. The Masato 27Z was born. This car served at the disposal of Japanese politicians from 1990 to 2010.

Masato 60Z Emperor Concept
In 2012, Harato designed a concept that combines luxury and speed. The result was the 60Z Emperor Concept. The car is powered by a 6-liter V-12 with a top speed of 320 Km/h