Mass Production Economy

Will using the same motor on different cars lower your company’s total production costs? Naturally it will save you research and development costs, but I’m talking about the general rule that the more is built; the less each unit tends to cost. If so; would it also hold true for using the same bottom end with different heads, fuel systems, ect. to a lesser extent?
I think this is a very important concept to implement. I would much rather save money by investing in a solid, versatile engine that could be used across a large range of vehicles, than to use lower quality parts on multiple motors.

Well, designing a new engine will be an expensive job due to tooling, engineering etc. So it’ll be in your financial best interests to use it in as many cars as possible. Also having less engine types will mean you can just have one or two BIG factories making the same engines, rather than lots of ones making different engines :slight_smile: