Master List of Working/Non-Working Mods with UE 4.24 update

Hi there, folks. AlternateSteve here-haven’t posted here in the official forums in a long time, though I’ve been an active Automation player, still, and right around the time that the Open Beta started coming out just over a week back, it didn’t take me long to notice one particularly unfortunate problem: very few, if any, mods now work with the new UE update.

So, I figured maybe it wouldn’t hurt if maybe we started and kept a list of mods that actually work with UE 4.24, versus those that don’t-of course, right now at least most don’t(but hopefully that’ll change relatively soon), but I figured not only would such a list be helpful in helping keep track of non-working mods in general, but also alerting creators of non-working mods (who aren’t already aware of the problem, that is) , so that they can (hopefully), at some point, get around to updating them so that they do work with the latest version of the game engine.

In the meantime, I’ll go ahead and get the list started.

Mod Master List as of April 3, 2020, 19:50 UTC

Working Mods:

'60s Tram by Aruna(presumably)
Ramp Truck by Hard Rooster(presumably)
Metz Badge by Quanto(presumably)

Mods that are known not to work presently:


I doubt all the mods are going to be updated, especially the meme fixtures, or the bodies which basically nobody uses like the Continental, the Wedge, any concept-y bodies, Citroens, the Despot, the Storm 90’s bodies, the Lead Sled, Magnum 2049, 70’s Chonker, Caspita, Rventon, etc

Are you implying no one uses the Caspita? Lmao


Eh it’s kind of weird looking aesthetically and because it has a better drag coefficient than vanilla bodies it often isn’t allowed in challenges. Come to think of it I haven’t really seen any builds using the body but I’d be happy to be wrong in this case.

Yeah, I figured that a fair few mods might be permanently left behind(especially the meme stuff), but I think you’d be surprised at just how many of the mods you’ve listed actually have been fairly well used, at least going by screenshots and artwork uploaded to Steam, anyway.

And at least a few of these very same bodies have even been featured on Automation/BeamNG YT videos, including by some of the more well-known people(Consider, AutomotiveFlux, etc.) in that particular genre: so there is reason to be hopeful there, for now at least.

I did not understand anything and therefore I am in version 202003.
So adding mods is not a problem for me.