Max HP of v8?

hey guys i just want to know what your guys max hp has been, i dont care what size engine, just wondering the HP. personally i got a 572.3 to push 2449 :smiling_imp:

edit: got it up to 2453 :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:

edit: got it up to 3068 :smiling_imp:

2890 :smiling_imp:

2903hp and 2751 Nm :smiley: :sunglasses:

what displacement? :open_mouth: i wish mine was that high :confused:

It says: โ€œ10857 cc DOHC DI Turbo 32v V8 Crossplaneโ€

2903 now, will keep it at that. Need some sleep. Goodbye! :mrgreen:

2923Nm 3048PS. I think there is some fine tuning possible. Dyno Queen.
10.9L FP 40V DOHC TurboRev0.lua (67.9 KB)

Take a look in the engine sharing forum :slight_smile: Iโ€™m at 3224hp / 2771nm but im right on the limit of torque. I dont think Iโ€™ll squeeze much more out of it until we can get some bigger turbos on the v8โ€™s to generate more boost at 7k RPM and over.

RIGHT all of you hand over your engines I feel a 3000bhp engine video coming up SO HAND THEM ALL OVER!

3224!!??? what motor??? haha :smiling_imp:

James Miller can you PM me that motor I am going to do a video on that monster of yours

juno8, can you make a vid of mine? i got it up to 2727, i think you will find it very interesting, i want to hear someones reaction to my beast :smiling_imp: how do i get the file on here? sorry ive never did this before!! :sunglasses:

i just made one that has 3031 but breaks because of to much torque :smiling_imp: but still says it has 3031 at 7100 rpm and it shuts down at 5600 becasue of torque being to high, any tips on getting this beast to run to its full power? :open_mouth: thanks

Iโ€™ve just posted it in my thread in Engine Sharing :slight_smile:

Let the turbos do all the work and do everything you can to limit torque - try decreasing the stroke, spooling the turbos up as late as possible etc.

I got it up to 3068 HP :smiling_imp:
the file is in the engine sharing forum. it dont break on the stand either, make sure you check it out :stuck_out_tongue:

i got an 3 cylinder 398 cc engine pushing 964 hpโ€ฆ idk if anyone has a better cc/hp ratio 2.42 hp per cc


Definitely. I remember some my engines that got over 4 hp/cc, and I know there were better results by other people.

But most importantly - do not resurrect 10 year old threads!