Maximum power (3600hp+)


Design an engine designed for maximum power. Only one rule: It MUST be able to make at least one run up the drag strip, so no 0 MTBFs please.

So what have you got? I’ll start with mine; 3056hp / 2611nm torque / 12km MTBF.

Remember, 0 MTBF doesn’t count. It’s no good if it doesn’t get past the pit entrance!
The Monster turboRev0.lua (72 KB)

I am 800bhp down :frowning: WTF how can everyone get more than me LOL xD

I managed to get well…3084bhp here are the stats

Power: 3084bhp @ 8400rpm
Torque: 1999 ft-Lbs @ 7400rpm
Red line: 8400rpm
Life Span: 0.0mm (failed on Stand)
Responsiveness: 71.0
Loudness: 50.0
Smoothness: 59.8
Weight: 528.3kg
Size (mm): 659x534x905
Service Costs: $9256.61
Emissions: 38 (I find that extremely surprising!!)
Economy: 6.61% - 1.913lb/(hph)
Fuel Octane (RON): 99.0

all I did was change the fuel system…and that was it haha

a fail on stand doesnt count. I’ve managed just under 3200hp with a fail on stand but that’s pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

I know man…I just wish the guys would program in Tungsten/Titanium alloy could you imagine the abuse that would take before it would fail…

yep stronger internals would be lovely lol

I’ve tuned the monster some more…
The Monster turboRev1.lua (73.4 KB)

I know I would love to Quad turbo that beast of an engine…and then really crank the boost up to 6 Bar and let it ROAR! could you imagine how much power that would be if I had 6 Bar boost, 4 Turbo Chargers and DevMeth…I guess somewhere approaching 6000bhp to 9000bhp+

And “Ultra Heavy Duty” bits for the bottom end. :wink:

DAFFY add this please to the game ultra heavy duty conrods and pistons!

that one wouldn’t rev very high :stuck_out_tongue:

stuff high revving imagine how much torque you would have in the low end it would rev to like 3000rpm but have INSAAAAAANE Torque figures muhahahahaha

mmm torque.

I just did some sums and this engine is right on that 250kw/L limit well, im at 249.7kw/lL so maybe there’s a few more horses to gain yet :sunglasses:

I would love to make a 15,000bhp engine you know a 20 cylinder 10 litre monster so 1500bhp per litre!

I managed a 2999 bhp engine which ran, but when I changed something, it died.
I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get back to 2999 :frowning:

I know someone has an engine with 3060bhp and a run life of 12km…

Mine ran 6000+ km I think.
could be way off though.

get me the file and I will tell you EXACTLY how far it ran…

[size=150]3198hp / 2770nm / 14km[/size]
The Monster turboRev4.lua (73.9 KB)

[size=200]MORE POWER!![/size]

sorry about that but I had to get the point across xD

JamesMiller this one goes out to you I made a very special video on your engine