Maximum tire size seems too small on some bodies

Is it just me or does the max tire size on some car bodies feel way too small? In particular, I noticed this on the 1960s not Opel Kapitan body and the 1960s not Lada / BMC / BMW body:

It makes them difficult to use because their grip and handling characteristics are atrocious with the tiny tires. Also, they look downright goofy and ill-proportioned. The 1960s not Lada / BMC / BMW body seems especially wrong considering the identically sized 1955 predecessor supports tires at least 100 mm larger.

With the not Kapitan, my instincts tell me a 2.7 m wheelbase car in 1968 should be using somewhere around a 195/75/14 tire (or equivalent) or about 670 mm total diameter but it only goes up to 630 mm max size.

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Look at the cars from that era, especially European ones.
13" rims was a long time standard.
And 165 mm was for the smaller cars, many large cars had 185 wide as standard into the 80’s.

I mean I am considering cars of that era, albeit American ones. American cars of late 1960s typically used 14 in wheels and about a 195/75 tire plus or minus 20 mm width depending on car size which is why I quoted it. Granted, American cars were usually larger - 2.6 to 3.1 m wheelbase and whatnot - but even smallest ones like the Chevrolet Vega (2.4 m wheelbase, like the Not Lada / BMC / BMW body) used about a 580 mm tire.

These two car bodies stood out to me in particular because while the other bodies in Automation have some leeway around their historical configuration and standard (which allows for the car to be made better or worse than its inspiration as seen fit by the player) these ones do not. And from from a Yankee perspective, their absolute best is a bit below the standard.


I’m trying to build an Audi Sport quattro, and the brochure and magazines I’m looking at had an option for 235/45s. The game has me stuck at 205s, increasing flares does nothing. It’s using double wishbone front and back (I know it came with Macpherson but the body type limits me)

Are you sure you’re using radial tires?

You need to tell what body you are using.
If it’s the one I’m thinking, that “error” has been reported for a long time, and nothing has happened.:disappointed: