Maxon Motors: Kentucky Performance Engines

Welcome to Maxon Motors

Maxon Motors is a performance-oriented engine manufacturer based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. If you have any questions, or if would like to use the engines featured in this thread in your cars, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it.


Before I go any further, I’ve decided I’m going to redesign the current engines a bit. I will update their posts accordingly once the update is finished. If you place an order during this time expect a delay.

1952 Maxon M Series Phase l
1956 Maxon M Series Phase I M342 and M367 + Maxon M Series Phase I Plus Package


Maxon’s M Series entered production in 1952. The M series is available in a variety of displacements from 245 CID (about 4 liters) to 318 CID (about 5.2 liters). Twin 2 barrel carburetors, heavy duty internals, and a performance exhaust system are standard on all models. A quieter exhaust system and a third carburetor are optional. Contact Maxon Motors for more details or to place your order (PM me).


Will you make 60’s and 70’s V8’s? :smiley_cat:

Do we get a choice between crispy engines or Orignal Recipe engines?

Would u mind myself using the engine u have designed into one of my hotrods?

We sure will :slight_smile: . If I stick to my current plans there will be a decent variety of V8s to choose from in the 60s, and likely the 70s as well.

We have yet to roll out the crispy recipe :stuck_out_tongue:

In 1956 Maxon began offering 342 CID (about 5.6 liters) and 367 CID (about 6.0 liters) options for the M Series. In addition to more displacements to choose from, Maxon began offering a high performance package for their M Series, featuring stronger, yet lighter forged internals, triple 2 barrel carburetors, and a lightweight, high performance exhaust system all as standard options. Customers could opt for a quieter exhaust system with the Plus Package just as they could with the standard M Series models, but instead of a third 2 barrel carburetor, customers could request 4 DCOE carburetors to be installed in place of the default triple 2 barrel configuration. Contact Maxon Motors for more details or to place your order (PM me).

mind If I send V8 steak for you to cook?