Mazda 3 mps/mazdaspeed 3

Quite a torquey 4 pot all specs compression stroke completely identical to stock

One build is stock the other with typical bolt on mods


Big turbo GT3071 21.5psi 3" exhaust bigger intercooler more fuel more timing still on the stock internals

Well done! thats what i call a proper engine tuning, except for the octane and the efficiency part, perhaps you can make the fuel mixture leaner and increase the compression \ advance the ignition timing and get the same hp with better efficiency and more up to date fuel requirements

The 400hp engine in my opinion is… meh :wink:

Thanks !
compression is 9.5:1 im running it on 98 octane as is whats has to be ran from factory here in the EU these cars run quiet rich out the factory think its 11.5 afr on the stock and as low as 10.5 on the big boost :smiley:

I didn’t decide to go full bore on the build as trying to keep it on the stock internals but now i will go for a full build now haha

Here was my attempt. I’m really new to all of this engine building stuff but I figured the MZR 2.3 would be fun to try building as I own an MS3.