Me trying to create a car Interior for automation

Day 1

I am not a expert. i wouldnt even know how to put the dae file in the car folder and drive it in automation. I just started yesterday and this is day 1 of me trying to create one
Here is one i been working on for the alaris


After couple years not using blender. i try again and completley forgot what to do

Edit in Day 2

SO i got the Colors and gauges kinda planned, but i still dont think this is going to work

Somehow i manage to create seats

NOW I GOT TO START OVER CAUSE i joined the parts together thinking nothing wont happen :
(5/7/2020 -8:12 AM

Day 3.
SO this is where im at, i dont know how to test it in beam ng, so this is how im going to have to show interiors for cars ig


the car body with all the fixtures works correctly? lel i need to try that

The car body still works, since I’m a noob at this, rn I’m just experimenting. I tried to drive it yesterday and the car body was a wheel