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Sup everyone! So I decided to make a thread about my recent BeamNG X Automation Car Packs. For some that don’t know what I am currently doing, I will be making cars that is based of its real life counter parts. I might ask if any of you guys for any car ideas. I have already made some car packs for BeamNG drive already but i will put the links here. Anyways, I will keep on updating you guys on some new Lore Car Packs that i will be making, but for now, enjoy driving the rides ^^!4LxmRKAK!a98thpfkeyQPlPIaVoz36uLJ1skeEzsKClCQihJS27U

The Current Lore Car Manufactures:

Logos Created by me ^^ More Car Manufactures Coming soon…


do i schmel Touge Racers at Akagi?

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Founded in the 1920s. Sankakkei was best known for there military use. They made aircrafts, ships and even railroad cars. in 1950s, they started to make a all-terrain vehicle for WW2. it was dominating the scene as well as the aircrafts that they made. later in the 1960s, they started making small coupes and sedan for the road., especially scooters! Sankakkei became Japan’s biggest car manufactures in the country. Who was responsible for the popularity? Yamauchi Sudo, CEO of Sankakkei Motors. Later in the 1980s, Sankakkei started to get into the rally scene and used there recent coupe, The Sankakkei Growrer, for the Group B Rally.

After when Group B got shutdown for how dangerous it was, Yamauchi Sudo was worried because he didn’t had any cars left that he would use for rallying. not until he had an idea. in 1991 Yamauchi decided to use one of his sedans which was the Sankakkei Emperor, to be used in the 1992 WRC. And surprisingly, it was a success. Thanks to the two litre turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive systems, this car was unstoppable. With all the wins it had, they decided to make a road-going version of the Emperor rally car. The Sankakkei Emperor Simulation. The Production started as the same year when they used the Emperor for the 1992 WRC. With many podiums they continued with their rally racing & the production through out the years, started from the Simulation I, then moved up to the Simulation II, Simulation III, Simulation IV, Simulation V, Simulation VI, Simulation VII, Simulation VIII, Simulation IX, & The final Simulation X. Sadly, they ended the Simulation line up in 2016 with the Final Edition for the Simulation X. Until then, we can remember the rally pedigree that those Simulation had.

Road Cars

More Sankakkei Models Coming soon


seems like the Emperor gets more bonkers with every generation

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Mitsubishi.exe has started


These are highly convincing replicas of various performance cars in the Mitsubishi lineup. The Emperor certainly lives up to its name - it’s a genuine top pick for affordable performance - but the Simulation range should be called Stimulation instead, for the way it stimulates the senses.

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Melik Lore Cars News

3 New Car Manufactures coming at your way
Hey guys, Melik here. Sorry for the long response. I just have been busy helping my family and stuff. Anyways there is gonna be 3 Lore manufactures that will be based on these following real life car brands…


I already made the cars so stay tuned for the sneak peek.

I am also ready to do the second Car Manufacture Blog of Spöke, a Swedish super car company that does not care about anything else but speed. Here is a sneak peek of one of their models!

Stay tuned for that! (You guys can probably guess what Spöke is based on) :smile:

It’s called ‘simulation’ and ‘emperor’ because Kyoichi Sudo of team Emperor uses simulations to race in Initial D. I’m actually impressed by how many references he fit in there.

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Melik Lore Cars News


Falco Automobili Based on Ferrari

Mystiker-Ritter Based on Mercedes-Benz

Montgomery Sports Based on McLaren

Shotaru Based on Subaru

Logos created by me.


Shota Sunday!?

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Wait, isn’t Montgomery the name of a manufacturer in Burnout Paradise? I’m sure it is - you might want to replicate the Hawker, Hyperion, and GT 2400 in that case.


Yep ill try to see to make a lore of the new griffith whenever i have the chance. Plus it was hard because i couldn’t think of a better name for lore Mclarens. Unless if maybe if there is any other ideas for the names for it. But i might change it since now that im thinking about it.

Those Ferrari and Benz parodies are quite tasteful.

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2015 RUFUS CONDOR GT R.A.D Drift Spec.



Feeling some nostalgia anyone?



GTE Update Soon…


Looks cool, btw I have replied to you in your Ridge Racer 8 topic If you can make the Bayonet.

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sure ^^ but im currently still working on the new machine that most voted for.