Melik's World of Cars!

Wassup petrol heads! Yeah its been a quite while since the last time I posted anything here at the forums. I’ve decided to get back on it! The past years I’ve been making some pretty cool stuff, Not to mention that I’ve started getting better and better at it. Some who are familiar with my stuff may seen it on Discord since that where I mostly spend my time on when I’m doing automation related stuff

So What’s the point of this?

Simple! This is a series of collection of cars that Iv’e made in the past so far and I just wanted to show it to more people! Plus I thought it would be fun to make a comeback to the forums after a while too.

What to expect?

Well, There isn’t anything specific besides showing off the cars, along with them going in action in BeamNG.Drive too. Oh and I mod j-beams stuff in Automation cars too. So expect for some bit of custom bits there and there, mainly just custom sounds. I’m somewhat getting the hang of it already since I’ve been doing it about 2 years now. But I’m only just getting started! In terms on how active this would be, Im making it more of a daily things but I may post on that day, I may not. Who knows?

But for the most part stay tuned for some cool rides. In the mean time, I’ll start to post a bunch of Screenshots!



With Automation generally in a far more complete state than it was just 18 months ago, it’s quite fitting that you’ve recently revisited it - and exploited the full potential of all the new content that has been introduced in 4.2.

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You’ve been one of my favorite creators and have inspired me when it comes to building better quality cars! It’s cool to see you back on and active again.

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Yeah man, It’s pretty cool seeing all these features in the current version that allows me to pretty much push boundaries. I had much help from many peers and friends who motivated me to do what I do now. It’s good to be back here to pretty much show the things I can do with automation cars and such. But Im still learning new stuff along the way.

Thanks broski! Much appreciated :grin:

I love the Lore friendly style that is in these cars. You can tell the basis of them, but they also have quite a few differences

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1st Week: Drift Cars

Let’s kick things off with one of my favorite motorsports, Drifting! I love the sport, especially if it isn’t just who finishes 1st. It’s pretty much judged from distance, angle, and proximity. Of course, knowing that I love the sport, I’ve decided to make one of my existing cars a Pro-Spec cars, specifically the one based on the cars that competed in Formula D, and other Drift events such as RDS and D1GP.

Anyways, Let’s check out the cars!

So far, I only have one clip of one of the cars, but ill make sure to do some clips with the rest of them!

Anyways, That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for next Weekend!