Mic7 on tenerife i like it.

That one looks awesome, and as if it’s supposed to be a lot of fun to drive :slight_smile:

In Romanian “mic” means small, it seams to be an appropriate name for this car. :smiley:

+1 I would love to hoon that little car!

Interesting looking car! Do you know anything about it that you can share with us?

From the site that’s on the side of the car.

[quote]Fascination MIC7 Roadster

Our vehicles are sporty little roadster with 61 hp and 720 kg net weight.

The sporty chassis and direct steering ensure that the two-seater roadster, not even 1 m high and 3,70m long two-seater playfully masters every curve.

Due its low weight our roadster will be accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h well below 10 seconds.

All our vehicles are approved by the local of authorities (ITV) and go conform with there regulations. Equipped with ABS, driver airbag, radio with CD player, central locking with remote control and in Spain the prescribed safety vests and first aid kit.

The gas usage per 100 km is at an average of 5,5 l with a C02 emissions of 112g, which is the current EU standard.

Our tour vehicles are serviced regularly and are subject to control by the manufacturer, the C7 Tenerife SL roadsters.[/quote]

Sounds a lot like a Smart Roadster to me…

mean lookin for such a tiny car, i like it

It’s pretty cool, looks like a combination of a Gumpert and a Caterham.

Not sure what to think of it, it’s ugly IMO, but still damned cool.