[Mini Challenge] Fan Designed Livery Challenge

Fan Designed Livery Challenge

For the rest of Team Hirochi-Hatzenbach’s story, see 2020 VLN Challenge by @Simmer22 haha shameless plug go brrrrr

When the fans saw the official announcement of Hirochi's return to the legendary VLN 24 hours race, many are surprised that there are only a single car being presented.

Well you see, Hirochi prepared two cars, the #90 car wearing the Historic Fujisaki Livery and the #91 car having a itasha livery (Driver TBA). However, on the very last second, the publisher of the video game Azur Collection retracted the rights to use its characters on the livery, citing it being “inappropriate” and violated “The company’s community guidelines”. After a panik meeting, the racing team decided to crowd source a livery for the #91 car.

FYI, this is the #90 car

You will receive the .car file of a livery-less #90 Hirochi Prasu GT3 and well, make a livery on it

I will do a commentary on your livery design and maybe a vote on the best livery
Since visual judging is very subjective, this challenge is not super competitive. It is more of a showcase of your creativity and design skeelzz than determining a winner

Priorities and Goals
  • The main goal is to make a visually striking, distinctive and unique livery, even something like an art car would be welcomed

  • It doesn’t need to have a ton of similarities with the #90 sister car, or the original planned livery

  • It needs to have “91” and “Hirochi-Hatzenbach” printed on the car in some form, maybe you can be creative when doing that

  • Be creative.


Hirochi_Prasu_GT3_-_Liveryless.car (80.6 KB)

Mods include: Super GT pack, Endurance Racing Pack, Patchworks, RB’s Wing Pack, All the MDHL stuff, glowsticks and Fourteen 40 Wheel Pack. (as far as I can remember)
If you are missing some minor stuff, it doesn’t matter since I can just add it onto your entry myself

Deadline: 7/31 with some wiggle room, and extension avalible if requested

Submission Format:

Car Model / Engine Family: FDL-[Fourm Username]
Trim: Give your livery a name
Engine variant: Just don’t touch it

You can DM me on the fourms or Automation Discord for the submission (Yeetus_McSkeetus#1789)

I will not use your livery designs as a challenge submission to the 2020 VLN challenge, however I might make a shameless fourm post about it with your username cited

As a footnote, this is my first ever challenge, so expect fuck-ups
I might add more stuff to this post later on

A mini-challenge that ties into another challenge? I have hardly ever seen that one before on these forums, but it should serve to tie into the lore of a manufacturer and its racing team rather conveniently.

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It’s just me too lazy to design another livery, really


Important Update

Apprantly when I import a car, the game will overwrite the original model with the car you made
So after you imported the empty .car file, make a copy of the model and edit on that instead of renaming the originally imported file.
If you started the editing already, just make a copy of the model and submit that instead
Sorry about not mentioning in the OP, that was an oversight on my part

Also, if you are participating in this, can you DM me to let me know about it? So I can keep track of the all the entrants.

Also also, please provide me with a list of mods used when you do the submission

If you have any questions / concerns, feel free to ask here or DM me


Entrance date extended

I have two entries so far, however I’ve seen 7 people clicking on the .car file link
So I assume more people are coming in later or just stealing the car file idk
Until further notice, the new deadline is August 7th
In the meantime, I will be reviewing the existing entrants and publish reviews about them

Again, if you wish to enter this challenge, please DM me to notify that even if you do not have your entry ready

Livery 1: "Blue Bastard"

by @Fayeding_Spray

Submissions are still open, I’m just pushing the reviews out since there are not many entrants ATM

The car is supposed to have small gold “91” letterings on the side, but my dumb ass took the pictures without the mods. Sorry about that!

1 week before VLN 24 race

“Alright, can you guys hear me?”
“I can hear you six by six”
cough sounds
“Wait, is it five by five or six by six”
random air noises
“Wait, how do I turn on the webcam?”
“Uh, you click the button on the bottom right corner”
HandsomeHans1 has left the chatroom
“The white one, the red one is for exiting meeting”

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Hatzenbach Racing HQ is closed. Because of that, the staffs are having a Boom video meeting to discuss the livery entries for the #91 car.

“Ahem. Before we start, I want to mention one, umm, ‘interesting’ thing I noticed.”
“Many individuals has requested pictures of the car so they can design a livery on it. However, it is now three days before the extended deadline, and there are only two entrants so far”
“Hmm, maybe they used those pictures as their desktop wallpapers”
awkward silence
“Anyways, lets look at the first entrant.”

picture shows up on the screen sharing

“Oooo, the colors are very nice”
“Yup, I love that color scheme that it has. Many different shades of blue”
“The gradient effect created by the triangles are also pretty eye-catching”
“Yeah, that’s a pretty cool looking texture. Kind of wish it’s extended to the entire car though”
“Not to mention how clean and easy-on-your-eyes this thing looks.”

“However, is it just me or does it look a bit weird to me?”
“I wouldn’t call it weird, but the blocks of triangles doesn’t seem to flow well for me.”
“I thought so too, especially the ones on the sides.”
“It is angled and collides with one of the side body lines, which is the main reason why it looks so off. This part could work on any other cars, but this car demands the livery to flow with the body lines” Comments the livery designer for Hatzenbach.
“That. Also I would hope for a bit more creativity in how it presents our team name.”
“So overall it’s pretty good, but let’s now look at the second entry”

Part 2 coming soon™

As you can see, there are only two entries for now.
There are still three days till deadline at the time this is posted, so feel free to download the car and start the design now.
Since this is a very casual challenge, you don’t have to do pull off a 1MB car file livery to participate. As long as you show your creativity, you should be fiiiiiiiine
If you do wish to participate, please DM me to notify that.

TBH, I don’t really know how to finish up this challenge when there’re only two entries, so ummm, would you be kind enough to do a quick design for this? Thanks much.


Livery 2: “WeRaceTogether”

by @kookie

“Alright, lets bring up the next entry”

picture shows up on screen sharing

“That is one eye-catching livery”
“In terms of giving out a statement, this livery achieves exactly that.”
“I mean, BLM is a big thing right now, and this livery is definitely good for our publicity.”
“But wouldn’t it spark too much controversy?”
“That could be a problem, however many Formula 1 teams are doing it right now.”
“Also BLM is a pretty big in Germany too. Now might just be a good time for us to jump on the bandwagon.”

“In terms of the livery on its own, this is, well, literally rainbow stripes on white body”
“But somehow, it looks very nice”
“The rainbow stripes on the sides flows very well with the body, and I like how it comes out of the red “sun” with the Hirochi logo on it”
“Yeah, it almost looks like a prism reflecting the sunlights, very cool”
“Not to mention that the red sun gives a hint about the car’s Japanese nationality”
“Overall, I think the livery works very well as a package. Although the designer for some reason included the drivers in the livery, even though our drivers are not announced yet.”

“So, cast your votes on which is the better livery of the two. “Blue Bastard” by Vri404 or “WeRaceTogether” by Kookie?”

A few minutes later…


WeRaceTogether by kookie

Even without the BLM theme, in my opinion this is still the better livery of the two
Although not by much, since the Blue Bastard is also a great livery
Vri’s livery has a very nice looking color theme
However the overall flow of the graphic elements on kookie’s livery as well as some of the details wins it for me.

Phew, this thing is finally done
I have to admit, I picked almost the worst time possible for this challenge
But many of you expressed interest in a challenge type like this
So who knows, might do it again in the future


Thanks to SpeedyBoi for hosting this challenge, it was fun creating the livery (but not so much fun aligning all the damn letters) Looking forward to the next challenge like this, hopefully we’ll get more challengers next time.

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