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Mini Truck Challenge!

Looks great! In fact, the body style seems a bit familiar for some reason? Wink wink, nudge nudge… Care to tease us with some details?

So, I’ve been playing around with a design… Is it fair to use a wheelbase of 126 inches in this, or is that closing in on a full size truck? Have to ask because I’ve got a design built on that platform that, well, I really like it.

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You mean midsized, right?

Modern non-kei compact trucks generally range from 105 inches (Montana II) to 121 inches (Maverick), and midsize trucks, which, as far as i can see are not part of this challenge (i am not the host), range from 123 inches (D-Max) to nearly 141 inches (USDM Colorado).

What should I put as model name? Most challenges have a standard for that sort of thing (i.e. SCC round 4 made me put in my submission with model as SCCR4-Restomod).

I personally did “MTC”

I would do the exact same thing if I ever choose to enter. Speaking of which, in such a scenario, I would be tempted to go for a 2L turbo I4 mounted longitudinally (to guarantee provision for 4x4 in higher-end trims) and basic infotainment with standard 10s safety, on a galvanized steel ladder and treated steel panels, to keep costs down.

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You know, great minds think alike. If you didn’t already know this, design your interior with 4x4 first, because the transmission tunnel is bigger in 4x4 than in RWD. Otherwise, if you pick 4x4, it’s possible that you’ll have bits of Automation chassis poking through your custom interior.

Granted, our engine choices are… different. Inline 5, using a bore/stroke I’ve already used with Bricksley before.

My immediate thought was actually a transverse i4, Maverick style, but I plan to use a v6 because of my brand. I may make an AWD version, but i really dont see what 4x4 can add for small city truck like this

So, hypothetically (assuming 126" wheelbase ends up being okay), I have most of a design.

Needs a few finishing touches, of course, and the engine’s not quite optimized enough to my liking yet, but…

Here’s a teaser of the 2022 refresh of the 2008 Bricksley Dyrewolf.

(The lighter gray one is the 2WD one that I designed for the challenge, the darker gray one with the very-hard-to-notice Redline Red stripe on it is the 4x4 variant with marginally more power. Other than the visible height difference, the two trucks are identical in looks.)


Not done yet, but I’m working on something. Are submissions open yet? Is there a closing date?


For anyone making a kei truck: Kei car - Wikipedia



Built off the 2000’s Wrangler body, I didn’t like the body morphs so I made this out of mostly 3d fixtures.

Built on light truck monocoque, it has a 2.2 liter turbo-4cyl making 211(ish?) hp. It’s technically offered with 2wd, but only if you order it that way. Vast majority get 4x4 (like this one). 6 speed manual is standard, standard interior and infotainment. Base price is $26,600 (I think?).


Wow, sharp. Whats the size?

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It’s on the 111 inch wheelbase, but I extended the bed so there’s some useable space there. The 3d fixtures make it feel a little heavier in Beam lol.

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That might be pushing it? It’s probably ok I guess? I can’t guarantee you won’t lose points though.

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  • The base model can have no more than 6 cylinders and 1 turbocharger.

  • The base model doesn’t have to be two-wheel drive, but in the interest of controlling costs, it should probably be two-wheel drive.

  • Note that I said “two-wheel drive” and not “rear-wheel drive”. If you want to make your vehicle front-wheel drive, go ahead. It’s just probably not a good idea. In fact, if you want to make a mid-engined or rear-engined truck (like a Corvair) with a unibody and front-wheel drive? I won’t stop you, but I can’t guarantee it’ll be a good idea either.

But let’s not forget the most important part of this challenge - ALL VEHICLES WILL BE ROAD-TESTED IN BEAMNG.DRIVE!!! So I’d strongly advise against taking too big of a risk!


the maverik is FWD…

so is the montana…

and what other minitrucks are there?

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Wells TR-1

*Base/Fleet modelshown

Power comes from a reliable 180hp-180lbft NA i4, lifted straight outof the Apex sports wagon.

That energy is routed through a smooth shifting 6spd manual, so whether it’s work or play, the TR-1 is ready.

The TR-1,

Capable from the start



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