Minimalist photography challenge

Minimalist Photography Challenge: Rule of Thirds vs. Golden Ratio

Hi peeps!

I’ve got something a bit different for you peeps to partake in!

You see, I’m currently working on a school project, which is on a tight schedule.

For it, I need to conduct a psychological experiment to test the rule of thirds up against the golden ratio. For that reason, you will be asked to take minimalist photographs in automation - no dedicated builds necessary - in sets of two, where the only difference in a “set” is that one picture uses the rule of thirds, while the other uses the golden ratio - specifically the variant where there are invisible lines inset 5 8ths into the image from each side, rather than the snail house, which will not be utilized for this challenge.

I will be making the form that these pictures will be used for on Monday the 11th of November, and for that reason, that is when the deadline is. I will on that day pick my favourite 30 of the sent images, and then the winner will be chosen using this form.

Challenge Guidelines

  • Photography Composition: You must for this challenge take pictures in sets of two - one following the rule of thirds, and the other the golden ratio, with those invisible lines at 5/8ths into the frame. There must not be any other differences in the pictures in a “set” than that of the rule of thirds and the golden ratio
  • Game-specifics: Use the “photoscene” feature in Automation - no dedicated cars are required to be made for this challenge, as it is the photography that is important. Go crazy with photoscene props and whatever else you have available.
  • KISS; Keep It (very) Simple, Stupid: Stick to minimalism - as a general rule of thumb, use single-colour backgrounds and fewer than 5 items in the frame, unless you really want to go off-track.
  • But also, Go crazy!: There is no limit to the amount of “sets” of pictures you are allowed to send in, so send in as many as you like! They’re all equally viable to be picked for the form, as long as you make sure that each picture has a “partner”.

Judging Criteria

  • Consistency: Make sure your pictures stay consistent with the composition rules.
  • Originality: Be creative! (within given restrictions) - Some very creative use of props, assets and colour is welcome.
  • Less is More: Embrace the minimalist vibe, keeping the focus on the composition.

Submission Details

  • Deadline: I have a limited time available for this project, so you do too! Submissions close on Monday, December 11th at 7:15 AM Central European Standard Time.

  • Scoring: I’ll be judging the top 30 pictures based on creativity and how well you stick to the composition guidelines.

  • Winner: The winning picture will be chosen through the mentioned psychology experiment form.

Now, Get those photography vibes a-flowin’, and get your minimalism hat on! Best of luck, peeps!

Yours, sincerely, Pete913e



this is a very cool idea.
Let me get cooking

  • might be a good idea to post some examples so people know what you’re talking about. Don’t know how many automation players are that into photography
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Yeah, I considered including pictures, but as is hopefully made obvious, I don’t really have much time. So the pictures I used for the banner were supposed to imply an idea of what I was going for, but yeah. If I were to give any examples, I think my favourite existing picture that approaches this style is Blokko’s “Is This What Heaven Looks Like?”. But idk. And I’m also not entirely sure if “minimalist photography” is a thing in the first place. I just thought it to be the most applicable word to use regarding my goals for the pictures from this challenge.

This is very intresting,Thanks for sharing.

Entries into this competition have closed.
I thank you all for your attempted participation - details for why you didn’t end up submitting a picture would also be greatly appreciated for my project, so for that I suggest telling me in DMs.
And perhaps I’ll make a different photography challenge in the future too, this time without it being involved in a school project, and also with a longer deadline. ^w^